I'm Dawn (or Dee)
I'm originally from Canada but I now base myself near Exeter, Devon.   I photograph people, usually small people and their families.
I'm also a Mummy. 
I know that family life moves fast.  I know it much it can feel like a constant struggle to keep up.   We try to savour everything but those wonderful, magical family moments can often be gone before you even realized they've even happened. We areforever trying to bottle up these moments and so that we can really appreciate them and pore over them forever. 
Family life doesn't stop or sit still.   It is always active and vibrant and I try to reflect that in my sessions with families. 

I know that family portrait day is not always something to look forward to for everyone so my goal is for each session to be relaxed, fun and and as natural as possible. 
Using only natural light in some of Devon's most beautiful countryside, I strive for unique and  beautiful images that show the natural love and bond of your family.
Get in touch to have a chat.  I would love to meet you!